Customer Segments, Audience Segmentation

Build Customer Segments On the Fly

Using Segment Builder’s point and click features, no coding is required! Or use our comprehensive list of pre-built Customer Segments that leverage advanced AI and machine learning models.

Pre-Built Customer Segments

Segment Builder is a feature of Inte Q’s Genesis Customer Engagement Platform that allows you to select from a comprehensive list of pre-built customer segments based on business goals. You can view details on how each customer segmentation model was built and easily create a customer list to send to a source of your choice.


Customer Segmentation Strategies to Meet Your Business Goals

Choose from segments built by our advanced customer analytics team including Customer Acquisition; Which customers can I pull more share from my competitors, Customer Growth; Which customers are most likely to respond to upsell purchases, high spenders, mid spenders, Customer Retention; Which customers are likely to leave, and many more.


Instantly Reach Your Target Audience

The Inte Q Genesis Customer Engagement Platform includes features that allow you to instantly target your customers with a highly personalized message. Connect with every customer on the right device, at the right time, with the right message regardless of time, place, or stage in the customer journey. Segmented marketing campaigns have proven to generate an average of a 760% increase in revenue.

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