Powering Customer Loyalty

Engage and Reward Your Most Valuable Customers

Loyalty IQ is a product that makes it easy to create and implement a points-based customer loyalty program. Configure unique tiers, bonuses, and rewards to increase customer engagement and optimize ROI.

Highly Configurable

Setup unlimited customer loyalty program tiers, rule definitions, and rewards issuances.  Loyalty IQ is a product that can scale with your business – easily move from a pilot program in a few markets to supporting your loyalty program internationally.


Bonus Engine

Configure an unlimited number of bonus events to maximize margins using customer purchase or customer activity data.  Loyalty IQ makes it easy to set up bonus events for enrollment, birthday, social media, mobile downloads, stores, products, spend, tender type, and so much more.  Events can be configured as a one-time event or as a recurring event based on any date range you choose.


Customer Loyalty Metrics

Maximize customer retention with insights from Loyalty IQ data visualizations and reports. View key performance metrics on customers, rewards, transactions, enrollment, loss prevention and fraud, profitability, revenue per customer, and so much more.


Full Service or Self Service

With its flexible design and intuitive interface, Loyalty IQ empowers you to manage a customer loyalty program entirely on your own. But, if you prefer to be hands-off, like most of our clients, you can leverage the Inte Q account team. We can manage the entire program for you or provide support and additional resources along the way.


Customer Service

Your customer service, sales, or store teams have access to a robust customer profile which can used to make customer updates, adjustments, update communication preferences, view available rewards, and more. Advanced levels of security allow you to configure access based on users and user roles.


Customer Loyalty Webpages

Member webpages are an easy way to help launch your loyalty program quickly and provide members with information about their points, rewards, and profile. While we highly recommend a fully integrated loyalty experience with your existing website, if you don’t have internal resources to utilize our APIs, our configurable member webpages can be branded to look and feel just like your primary website to create a seamless customer experience.

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