At Inte Q UK, we want your customers to love your brand. We combine advanced technologies with a wealth or experience to help brands grow their business..

Our Services

  • Loyalty Program Design
  • Paid Tier Programme Development
  • Database Design and Development
  • Omni Channel Marketing
  • Client Revenue Generation
  • Membership Services
  • Measurement and Analytics
  • Customer Service Support
  • and more

Our People

We’ve developed practice groups with deep industry experience to better serve our clients.

Our Process

We’re helping brands throve in competitive environments with full service, paid and free loyalty offerings.


We’re revolutionizing the way companies measure customer loyalty with the Customer Love Score®.

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Build Custom Loyalty Programs

Differentiate Brands from Competition

Create New Revenue Streams

Increase Repeat Business

What Our Clients Say…

“Inte Q UK Developed a bespoke series of offers relevant to the demographic profile of our database.”

“Our company hadn’t fully appreciated the high renewal levels and was very pleased with the roll on of revenue into Year 2 and beyond.”

“We had operated with another supplier but found them inflexible and unresponsive; we ceased relationship after the test phase and moved to Inte Q UK.”

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