Webinar: Email Communication in the Hospitality Industry: “How-To” During Times of Crisis

Are you wondering when, why and how to connect with your past & future customers using email marketing during this Coronavirus disaster?

Communicating with your customers effectively is crucial to long-term growth and success- now more than ever. Join our webinar to learn the email strategies and tactics you need to increase your email percentage and build a strong relationship with your customer base during these challenging times.


  • Hospitality email marketing dos and don’ts during COVID-19
  • Email volume in the travel and hospitality sector has been cut dramatically. Should you cut back? Who should you be targeting?
  • How are Travel and Hospitality brands communicating at this time?
  • We’re seeing increased search traffic for travel. Should you lean in?
  • Trends regarding industry spam complaints for COVID-related mailings

Jason Sisley, President and Head of Strategy at Den Aviary- a strategic partner in alliance with Inte Q- shares expert insights on how to build trust and loyalty with your customers for years to come.

12:00 – 12:30 PM

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