CRM Strategy

Find out who your best customers are and what keeps them coming back.

The best brands on earth have one thing in common: They actually matter to people. Those people will defend and evangelize the brands they love passionately. We call this Customer LoveTM and we have focused our entire agency on building and increasing the love customers have for your brand.

Every CRM strategy is built with a purpose – to drive ROI and increase incremental revenue. We uncover who your customers really are and build CRM strategies that exceed your goals.


Using data and advanced technology, we uncover what motivates your customers and what appeals to their emotions. We then design, implement and manage loyalty programs to make them successful for your brand.


We employ advanced analytics approaches across all stages of loyalty program design, from discovery to post- implementation. Our team of analysts is here to meet your needs and help you reach your customers with the right message at the right time, in the channel they prefer.


Our advanced technology uses the insights gleaned from your first party data to deliver relevant and personalized messages to your customers on your existing marketing platform.


Inte Q data scientists take a deep dive into your data and our retail experts develop programs and strategies that best fit your brand. 

1. Gather and Summarize Stakeholder Feedback 

A key part of the design phase is to gather input on the key objectives of the loyalty program and marketing initiatives. The program design and measurement plan should align with the organization while being financially feasible and driving value for the customer. 

2. Gather and Summarize Customer Feedback 

Inte Q creates and receives customer feedback via online survey. The survey gathers feedback on shopping selection triggers, selection prioirites, impact of a loyalty program, and more. 

3. Assess the Competitive Environment 

Inte Q identifies the marketing efforts and programs offered by multi channel competitiors, providing synopses of best in class retail programs to compare and contrast program options. 

4. Design Program Structure and Model Financials 

Customer data and associated transaction, behavioral and responsive inputs are key data points core to any loyalty or CRM initiative. We first perfrom an in-depth audit of your data. From the audit, we append data or recommend data and consolidations to create a customer profile. After creating the customer profile, program structures are developed based upon the patterns seen. All program structures developed are based on the goal of driving incremental purchasing behavior that is fiscally feasible and compelling from a customer perspective. Inte Q builds several variations of spend thresholds, earning periods, reward values and evaluates cost/expense.

5. Technology Assessment 

Inte Q outlines the various data inputs and outputs and identifies gaps and data flow. Inte Q then creates a high level systems integration outline based on current and near term platforms. Deliverables include a diagram of dependent and supporting systems to the loyaltity and CRM platforms.