What is Customer Love®?

The best brands on earth have one thing in common: They actually matter to people.

Those people will defend and evangelize the brands they love passionately.

We call this Customer Love® and we have focused our entire agency on building and increasing the love customers have for your brand.  Because we feel future success will be determined by how much your customers love you.

Who Loves You?

We believe Customer Love® is more than just a purpose or some theory.

We believe we can measure ‘Customer Love’ –  the emotional connection a customer has with a brand –  to predict and influence company performance.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the Customer Love Score® analyzes and evaluates more than 80 different metrics, including Net Promotor Score, real-time social media data, proprietary brand research and first-party transaction data to accurately measure the emotional loyalty of each individual customer.

Revolutionizing Marketing Optimization with the Customer Love Score®

 “Using the score as a centerpiece to optimize our loyalty programs and drive personalization strategies, has been a game-changer for our clients.” -Chris Duncan, President, Inte Q

Using the Customer Love Score® to influence campaign targeting has demonstrated an incremental 24% transaction lift and 15% increase in ROI over traditional targeting methods.

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The Customer Love Score® analyzes more than 80 different metrics, and creates a score that evaluates how your brand is performing relative to the competition.