What is Customer Love™?

The best brands on earth have one thing in common: They actually matter to people.

Those people will defend and evangelize the brands they love passionately.

We call this Customer Love™ and we have focused our entire agency on building and increasing the love customers have for your brand.  Because we feel future success will be determined by how much your customers love you.


We believe Customer Love™ is more than just a purpose or some theory.

We believe we can measure ‘Customer Love’ –  the emotional connection a customer has with a brand –  to predict and influence company performance.

The Customer Love Score™ brings together data from transactional, emotional, and overall brand sources to give an unprecedented view into your customers.

Inte Q has developed the Customer Love Score as a way to accurately measure customer loyalty to your brand – this score brings together transactional, emotional, and brand data into a single score.

Transaction Score:

Based on what our data scientists see in your first party data and what moves the needle for your business.

Emotional Score:

This score combines the net sentiment of social posts about the brand with factor developed by Inte Q to adjust based on how much customers are taking about the brand.


Utilizes a survey for your brand AND competitors. Survey is taken by individuals who have indicated that they have shopped your brand, or your competition.